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Business Model Leaks

E Business Appraisals

The March Group's New Avatar

The March Group started providing 'online business evaluations' and solutions under the name of E Business Appraisals. E Business Appraisals is being operated by ACA Partners, LLC (The March Group's Firm).

Upfront fee

ACA Partners, LLC

Business Valuation Solutions

The March Group has started ACA Partners, LLC. The negative publicity and reputation wreckage has made them rise up under this name.

Valuation Fraud


Business Directory

Corporations4Sale has been there from the inception of The March Group. They are now using it as a business directory.

Bad Online Reputation

Brady & Bell Acq. Ltd.

A New Avatar!

They have started Brady & Bell Acquisitions Ltd. and have begin their overseas operations. Swedish/European business owners beware of it!

Selling a Business?

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M&A Advisors. brings you comprehensive information and reviews about The March Group scam, fraud, complaints, and lawsuits. We have collected historical information, substantial evidences to support the widely spread fact that The March Group is a scam. Our objective is to reveal the shady tactics, unethical business practices that The March Group is supposed to be adapting to collect money from business owners. Business owners, beware of the up-front fee scams by M&A firms.

Update: January 10, 2012

OMG! The March Group is starting new firms and continuing its M&A business. We came across many such firms that are being operated by them. The business model, however, has remained the same – take money from the business owners in the name of M&A, business evaluations, accounting, CPA’s or business advisory services.

Here is the most recent information that we got from our reliable sources.

Goldin Peiser & Peiser, LLP (www.gppcpa.com) have merged with Bader & Associates, PC. The March Group has a stake in it. We are waiting for more information on this!
Green Key Mergers (www.GreenKeyMergers.com), owned by The March Group, claims to be in the business for the past 22 years. Did anyone hear about it until last year?
MarshnReede.com aka The Wall Street M&A Group has been taken down and they have renamed it to Brady & Bell Acquisition Ltd., (www.bradybellacq.com).

We will be furnishing more information, by creating exclusive pages for each item listed above, in a couple of days. Stay tuned!

Update: December 13, 2011

It appears that The March Group have stopped their operations under the name ‘The March Group’. As pointed earlier, The March Group’s website (www.marchgroup.com) is no longer available and has been redirected to Corporations4sale and March Group LLC.

Furthermore, The March Group appears to have discontinued the promotion of Scam Prevention Plan which they were waging to counter the bevy of less-than-glowing information that was appearing high on organic search rankings.

We first assumed that they changed their name to Marsh and Reede Capital. But, the fact is that they are still in the business and are carrying out their operations. They now go by the name E Business Appraisals, ACA Partners LLC, Marsh and Reede Capital, The March Group LLC, and Corporations4sale. See the image below for a clear understanding!

The March Group

Stay tuned! We will bring more information and facts.

We appreciate if you can touch base with us to provide any valuable information that we might not know. We will make sure to publish and spread your experiences after assessing the information. Thank you!

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